Sleep Problems

There are 90 different sleep disorders listed by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. However, of the millions of Americans who suffer sleep problems, 90% of them suffer from two main sleep disorders: Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), Insomnia, or a combination of the two.

Consequences of Untreated Sleep Problems

  • Cardiovascular - Half of all patients with heart problems have sleep apnea. Sleep Apnea DOUBLES the risk of sudden, fatal, night time heart attack.

  • Stroke - 68% of stroke patients have OSA. OSA causes a 65% increased risk of stroke in men, & doubles the risk in women.

  • Mortality - 33 to 40% increased death rate of those with moderate to severe OSA.

  • Obesity - 21% increased likelihood that sleep problem sufferer will be obese.

  • Diabetes - 25% increased likelihood that sleep problem sufferer will develop diabetes.

  • Hypertension - Blood Pressure is elevated in 20-70% of sleep problem sufferers.


  • Acid Reflux - Occurs more frequently in untreated patients.


  • Dementia / Alzheimers - Sleep problems can accelerate cognitive impairment by up to 10 years.

  • Cancer -  2 to 5 times increased risk of certain cancers.

  • Liver Disease - The risk of liver disease increases 5 times.

Research Confirms the Impact on Your Health

Dr. William Dement is a professor at Stanford University's medical school and was instrumental in opening the first sleep laboratory in the world. He has noted that patients spend years going from doctor to doctor, trying to trace the cause of their health problems, which turn out to be due to sleep apnea.


In the recent book by Dr. Roger Washington, Lack of Sufficient Sleep Matters: Decode the Root Cause of Your Illness, Washington details his theory, the LOSS (Lack Of Sufficient Sleep) Principle, implying that the lack of quality sleep is the single most crucial factor in the cause of acute and chronic illness, and may even lead to premature death. 

A Unique Resolution

To effectively treat our patients who suffer from these sleep problems, our Sleep Centers and their highly qualified professionals treat both obstructive sleep apnea AND insomnia under the same roof.  We work in conjunction with your primary care physician or other specialists in providing you ongoing care to help resolve your sleep problems. If you suffer from any of these sleep conditions, we can help!  Call us for a free consultation.